general conditioning

I run D-II track and field and my coach has us doing 25-30 min runs every day as a warm up plus plyos and then running hills that same day or doing a 100m-200m-300m-200m-100m at 90%???

this is a general conditioning workout for sprinters??

like someone please tell me that this is wrong because it doesnt seem right to me.

My coach said that this was just general conditioning. But there is only like 3 months until the start of indoors. Shouldnt sprinters be working on speed instead of doing these stupid 25-30 min runs???

Also, for a weight program…
does a 10-8-6-test sound good for lifting???

Yeah you definetely should be doing speed. There seems to be some kind of orthodox coaching aversion to training for speed in the fall (as well as a general belief that an athlete can’t train for speed all year round), but what some coaches don’t realize is that sure its awesome to get in great shape for indoors but if you don’t have the speed then you aren’t going to do anything. Try asking your coach to incorporate some speed work into your program (at least one day, in spikes, short stuff 20-60m) and if all else fails perhaps its necessary to take things into your own hands. I have a friend who’s coach won’t do speed and so he does it on his own on the weekend.

All I can say is that you need the speed.

Thanks man. Ya, my coach is like a diehard for X-country although he has his level 2 sprints, he isnt that well known with charlie and his speed techniques and workouts. Shouldnt i be doing speed one day, tempo, hills, tempo, speed?? Doesnt that sound like a good routine? With weights every second day?

Yeah that sounds pretty good, always do the weights after the speed though so you are fresh for the speed. The routine looks fine, but it is a question of what phase you are in and such. I find its just a balancing act of doing what the coach wants and what you think you need. Try to compromise I guess. I convinced my coach that I needed to do speed but it was under his terms, but at least the speed was implemented.

Good luck!

You guys should check out this article, very informative:

I think it’s somewhere between the two extremes: GPP is not SPP but it is also not time (at least for sprinters) to do mileage.