Gaining Weight and Increased times?

I’m around 5’7 145 lbs and I was wondering if I can afford to gain around 10-15 lbs lean body mass to aid in my speed and power and strength levels. Here are my stats:

Bench-185 lbs
Squat-285-300 lbs (don’t test 1rm, i go heavy enough where I feel comfortable enough where I won’t fall back or will stil lbe able to get up)
Clean-160 lbs

training age:
alone- 1 yr
overall-4 yrs

in lay man’s terms I am just wondering if it would be safe if I would go up to around 155 lbs or so with no negative impact on my times, I plan on doing some hypertrophy work and eating right to gain this weight during the off season and to add it as lean muscle mass along wiht increased strength. I heard that if you want to come out of the blocks more powerfully and quicker you need to be a little heavier, only if yourl ight like I am. any input?

You will probably see a disproportionate increase in strength for every extra bit of muscle you gain so, yes, an added 10-15 lbs of muscle will likely increase your acceleration. No need to use specific bodybuilding methods though. Weight gain and/or loss is more about eating but the type of muscle you gain (fluid vs actual protein) is more about training. Simply increase the volume of “strength” training. Instead of doing 4 sets of 8-10 do 8 sets of 4 or something similar. That way you hypertrophy the correct motor units and your strength levels will soar.

If you follow a sound training program and eat well the weight will work itself out imo :slight_smile:

I wouldnt necessarily shoot to gain “x” amount of pounds


Gaining strength should be the only focus. The mass gained with strength training may not hurt acceleration, but can do a lot to mess up max velocity.

so I should do functional hypertrophy or whichever is focused on strength and not gaining mass? What are the rep schemes for that? 6-8?

[QUOTE=Fabio]so I should do functional hypertrophy or whichever is focused on strength and not gaining mass? What are the rep schemes for that? 6-8?[/QUOT
Try 3-5 and sometimes 1-3

Hi Fabio, how u doing ?
maybe my words sounds like a little bit crazy or maybe inconsistent but,
i´m creating a theory and this theory is about Weights and Lost of Speed for Begginer Sprinters.
Maybe you, with your experiences and experiments could help me in the future, i don´t know.
Well, let me try explain this:
Most of times i see or heard about a fast guy ( not so fast, i´m talking about guys that run 100m in times between 12s and 11s ) i try to speculate if this guys are doing some weight work,
and most of times ( more than 90% ) they aren´t doing nothing about weights.
Ok, now we could think:
But Ben was so big ( and powerful ), Mo is big, most of top sprinters are big or have muscular bodys…
Yeah, i agree totaly with this, but hey, they are top sprinters with many many years of train ( i´m talking about all of kind of train; Plyo´s, Weights, Speed, Endurance, Hills, Over Speed, Handcaped, etc…)
I also agree that for Elite level sprinter, weights can be a plus, because they are working near max level of velocity, near max capability.
But i guess weight work is overrated for begginer sprinters.
If i look for me, for example, i stoped completely to run since youth ( 16 or 17 y/o ) and for 7 years i´ve just performed weight work ( bodybuilder stile reps between 8 and 12 increasing muscle size).
So, last year, i returned to run, my PB for that moment was around 15.0s…
1 year after i´m around 12.0s…i´m 6’1" - 176lb.
I´m strong enought to run with 40lb of extra weights and perform a 13.0s race for a hundred, or sprint in a hill asphalt surface wearing conventional shoes and run the same 13.0s,
or perform 6 followed jump stairs (32" each step) in 4.5s.
But, i´m not capable of run under 12.0s a 100m free in a track surface wearing spikes.
Maybe i´m wrong in all this, but it is like my body & feelings are saying:
First you have to test your genectics, if you are one of those privilege guys ( like NEO ) so, go for it, whatever you do you´ll be fast…
But if you is just a “normal” guy with a lot of will to run fast,
well, lethe-weights4later.

Agreed. This is sound, reasonable, and logical advice.


I also assumed that, but instead of gaining weight I started to loose it. (DAMN!!!) Went from 69 kilos to 66.5!!! eating 6 times a day!!! My opinion, be a neat freak so you can control exactly how much you use up and how much you put in. Hopefully It’ll work for me… I’ll let you know how it goes.