Fully Extended Leg

I realized that my sprinting form is horrible.
when i sprint, i cant extend my leg fully and bring my knee up high. Do i need to do more bounding? Or is it because my quad isnt strong enough?

If you are too weak/slow of course your form will look off. You cannot look like a sub 10 runner unless you are already very fast. Just keep getting faster and these things will work themselves out.

Just keep training, as you get stronger, you will notice a difference for the better. How old are you btw?

im 16, i’ve been runnig track for 2 years, but this year ive decided to take it seriously.

You’re still young, keep training. I assume you have a coach? and not a school coach at the high school level, most of those type coaches really know quat when it comes to running, at least, in Toronto, Canada anyway.

yes i have a high school coach and yes he knows squat(ironic eh?). i know more than him and so i have decided to train myself before track starts so i can show him up when track starts.