Full Extension of the legs when running

Hey people, I just noticed recently in when I was training that I felt kind of different when I was running.

What I mean is that I was still striding at the same rate, but my legs seemed to be reaching out far in front of my body(my leg was kind of flicking out in front of me) and clawing the ground then pushing me strongly forward.

I seemed to feel my hamstrings working much more than any other part of my body when I came in contact with the ground. Is this a sign of better leg extension??

It felt kind of wierd running this way, but it seemed like I was getting massive stride length without compromising my frequency.

Is this good?


Josh,my advice to you would be to let it happen naturally without “trying” to do something.also get yourself on video so that you can learn what you run like and also how it feels.people usually think they are running sound until they see a video clip of their running,get to know the feeling of running correctly by viewing yourself and when your sound keep the feeling in your mind so that you will be able to reproduce it again and again