Full back squats and flexibility issues...

I just finished reading FrontSquat vs. BackSquat thread on the site, and I just remembered one problem(?) I have, so I thought that you guys would give me some tips.

First of all, when you reffer to backquat on this site, do you reffer to full or to parallel back squat?

My back squat (parallel) is about 180kg, and my full front squat is 110kg (or even more).

I have trouble going into the “hole” with full back squat with normal feet position, I couldnt “fit” my hips in, and my low back start going into flexion. So, when I do full back squats and front squats I use wider stance with feet sligtly pointing out, so that I could keep my spine normal and hips/pecs in.
First of all, is this normal? I have nor back pain, and my form at normal parralel squat if fine.
I was thinking to do more full front squats, and parallel backs squats and to avoid doing full back squats (or I would do them with my stance wider than normal)?
I will try to post some pictures in due course, to see what I am reffering to…
Tnx guys!

You’re problem with “trouble going into the hole,” could mean a hip flexibility issue. Try doing some hip mobility exercises (ie, step-overs, duck unders etc.) before or after your lower body workouts.

Tnx Andy, but I think that my hip is pretty loose! I am very flexible… the problem is that I cannot push my torso and keep spine normal, I think it is because large thights…

I think pictures is gonna be the key. Let us see it.

As soon as I find damn’ digital photo… But I will give my best!

This is fairly normal. I have female gymnasts who can’t maintain a normal spine position while doing full front or back squats - so its not a flexability issue! I think it has a lot to do and getting the body used to going through this range of motion.

I would suggest practicing doing full front and back squats with a fairly low weight (60-70%) and at the bottom really squeeze the glutes and try as hard as possible to maintain a slightly arched back. With time and practice it will come. Though i warn you your glutes will be in agony when you go this low.


Tnx TC!
I will post some pics in due course (I hope soon).
BTW, in deep position my spine just slighty loose its curvature (when my feets are shoulder appart), and when I put effort to increase it (or to sustain the curvature all the way down) I feel agoni in my upper-back rather than glutes! With front squats, everything is ok, also with back squats when I a little increase my feet distance.
I think the pics will tell more…