frustrated about this years workouts

i am a 200-400 meter runner, (female; pr’ s 25.2, 41.3, 57.3). i worked out during the summer and the beginning of this year following the workouts on this board and with other runners who do a short to long program. But now i am away at school and practice has started with my coac. Things are all messed up. My coach belives in a long to short program with middle intensity and no speed work until the end of the year.
the season has looked like this so far…

mon- first day -drills, dynamic flexibility
tues- short sprinters (never run over a 200 in a meet) workout was 150-200-250 and the long sprinters (supose to be 200-400 runners) did 500-400-300 at 70%
wed-tempo in pool
thurs-game day (played capture the flag)
fri- short sprinters 3x300 at 75% with 3 mins rest and long sprinters 3x450 5 mins rest, same intensity. i ran the 300s that day, i did them at a 80-85% but i still dont know if i got any benefit.
sat/sun-off recover on own

this week was:
monday-tempo for short group, long went for a 25 mins slow jog run
tues- short group- 200 at 70% 3 mins rest… 2x150 same intensity 2 mins rest. 4x75 at 90% with 1 min and a half rest…

tomorrow is supose to be accelerations…?

i have tried talking to my coach last week and i got my group switched into the shorter sprinting group because last year i ran with the long sprinters and did not improve. i want to talk to my coach again because i really dont believe in what were doing. i feel like if i follow the exact plan as i did last i will get the same results. i really tried to make an attempt at a new program this summer and it was workign for me. now i feel like i am detraining everything i worked for… :o anyone have anything specific i can say to my coach…i feel like i have learned alot from these boards and through prior experience, but i feel like when i am face to face with my coach im afraid i wont know what to say…

Are you at High School or college?

d3 college

You are in a tough situation. Is making your team dependant on standards of performances in certain meets? If so you should be able to train your own way and let your performances speak for themselves. If there is the usual politics and BS involved then you may be forced to either conform to the current routine or try and convince your coach to allow you to work on your own outside the group.

Best of luck, I hope it all works out for you :slight_smile:


yea, there are some standards, but there not too steep. And of course there is a lot of BS involved, and my coach doesnt really want me to do my own thing. but i have set up a meeting to talk to her, so well see how that goes… thanks

Is your coach a former college sprint athlete or middle distance/cross country?

400 IH and i believe XC also