From average to world class in 4 weeks

About 4 weeks ago Matt shirvington had come back from training with Linford and was running 10.5’s and 10.6’s. Almost everybody thought that he was finished and that it was Patrick Johnson’s turn at the top.

He has been improving consistently and then on the weekend Matt ran 10.20, which is a World champs A qualifier.

What did he do to go from Slow to Fast (and getting faster) in 4 weeks.
He is improving at a rate of .1 a week…how???

Personally I think Matt is getting back into racing. If you watched the Grand Prixs in Australia you could Matt improving in each race.

Melbourne was a good race, kept with Patrick for 60m.

Seems he train hard and has taken him time to get back to sprinting 100m

Just my thought

The type of training he did in Jan etc was not conducive to performance at that time. I think he’s got alot in reserve at the moment … hopefully we’ll see it in august.

Here’s the video of the [race]( CHAMPS final.mpg)

(right click to download to your hard drive.)

A sensible diet, regular exercise, and Geritol, every day. (And if you don’t remember that commercial line, you don’t need Geritol.)

First off, world class is not achieving a minimum performance standard.
Second, dropping to 10.20 in 4 weeks means nothing when you’ve already run 10.02 (?) before.
The real test is from here on in.

i hear a lot of you guys talking about matt Shirvington, who is? if he hasn’t run under 10 flat whats the big deal?

He’s white - that’s the “big” deal. He’s been expected to be the first white man to break 10s since he ran 10.03 at the Commonwealth Games in '98 as a nineteen(?) year old. That and he’s Australian - like a number of people who frequent this forum

I know where you can find his training programme for that 10.03 year! click on the USA flag to know what are they talking about…

I can read this side in the standard language, it is dutch, and it is a good site anyway.

I Think Matt will be back