Free newsletter

Starting next month I’ll have a newsletter running. It will include article on strength training, programs and infos on my seminars and products. If you want to subscribe for free, email me your name and email at:

Thanks for the heads up CT,

I look forward to seeing the newsletter.

Kyle Battis

Hey Christian,

My email adress is,

I emailed it to you and also pmed it to you via the t-mag pm system, but didnt recieve the email that you sent…

sorry to be a pain in the ass and all, im just keen to read the newsletter…


Quality newsletter.

CT just read the newsletter, awesome work. Thanks so much, very generous of yourself.

Hi CT,

Just read the first edition of your newsletter and it was great. Lots of great information and practical tips in true CT fashion.

Thanks for the great resource.

How frequently will the newsletter be sent out?