Forum Appreciation

The following is a mere reiteration of the obvious. However, I felt compelled to convey my thanks.

I just wanted to thank those of you who contribute to this forum for providing your insights and thoughts to the various threads which are constantly being created. This is a rare oportunity to collaberate with, on a daily basis, some great minds, both young and old, in the strength and conditioning field.

Not being a big fan of message boards, most of which are loaded with (juvenille bullshit), this board is unique in that it is in a minority of forums in which the overwhelming majority of contributors are sincere, articulate, accomplished, knowledgeable, and mature (usually LOL).

The more advanced discussions provide a stimulus which constantly challenges and inspires the analytical and creative thought processes.

The more I learn the less I know.

Special thanks to Charlie for creating this fantastic interface.

James Smith

I agree that this is a fantastic board.

Remember not to take the juvenille BS personally, because it may not be meant personally.

I second that. This site will change the face of sprint training globally. I really do believe that. People will come to realise that proper training was and is the key. Hope some British coaches leave the f*** dark ages and buy computers and LEARN from sites like this. Not rely on middle distance bull shit and adapt it for sprinters.

Agree big time. Thanks to the staff and contributors!

Agreed, there are a lot of very clever people here and in general the discussions are objective and on track ceratinly more so than other boards I visit. Thanks to all (except R&R :eek: sorry mate you’re a dork).

Thank-you all for contributing and making this a great experience for me too!

Definitely one of my favorites

For you young fellas out there:

In the late 70’s and early 80’s I read everything I could find on speed in the Russian Review of Sports by Yessis. I also read anything I could find by Canadian Coach Brent MacFarlane. Golden.

As the 80’s moved on in Canada I was always looking for anything that hinted at what Charlie did. When his 2 books came out I felt like I had been panning for Gold and I struck it rich.

Then, along comes the Internet and Charlie’s website and the GPP Dvd and I have struck the MOTHERLODE!!!

Thanks Charlie,

Football Coach

P.S. how about a DVD on speed and conditioning for Football?

I’d like to add to this thread also, and thank everyone for their posts and contributions.
I think it’s opportune and appropriate that we say thanks every now and again for such a great resource.

I have learned so much from everyone here and really value all your input.

Thanks to Charlie and Rupert for all the hard work behind the scenes - it is greatly valued.

Thanks to all for making this board such a great resource. Though I rarely post since I am so humbled by the amount of knowledge commmanded by the coaches and memebers here, the great information brings me back day after day.

I know what you mean about those British sprint coaches. They are the same as the BUREAUCRATS in the rest of british society, stuck in the 1st half of the last centuary, and the only things they pick up from the modern era are the things that don’t work and not the things that do! They are embarrasing and they make me cringe.

GREAT website Charlie, and cheers to all the contributors on the forum.

Like anywhere, Britain will have the good and bad, but look at the results overall over a number of years. Somebody must be doing something right!

best site ive ever been to…

Although I’m mostly a lurker, this is my favourite board. I have learned a ton of info since I started lurking here!!! Thanks to all!!! :slight_smile:

I would also like to say thanks and keep the good work going.

ditto to all above, anytime i have a question its usually been answered before.

great place, great minds

Its good to see that most people here realize that what Charlie and Rupert provide for the members here is a privilege, this is one reason why I come here.