Form and Function

Heres my situation…I have way too much hypertrophy going on. I need to streamline. Now Ive always been a lil confused as to the statement “looks right flies right”. 400m runners tend to be fairly lean and trim. So I assume that SE and SE2 work will help me cut some weight. Right now I need to kick up tempo alot and get a tighter grip on my diet, but I also need to get rid of some of this bulk. Anyone else in this situation, and what are you doing to streamline?? Any helpful ideas from the forum on how to make this muscle Im carrying a lil less bulky?? Would it be helpful if I went into a maintenance phase in weights and focused on SE?? Ideas…

The body will adapt to the training stresses imposed upon it (within reason.) So, cutting back to maintenance on weights and doing a lot more sprinting plus tempo should allow your body to adapt - that is achieve the proper size/weight - and optimize for the demands you are imposing. While SE and SE2 runs are great for leaning out, a GPP phase may be more appropriate here esp if you haven’t been doing much quality running recently.

Are you lifting heavy for reps of 8 and higher? If so, you’re lifting like a bodybuilder and you’re going to bulk up.

Nope I work with reps 3 or less and never goto failure. Yrs ago I did a lot of hypertrophy work and its stuck for the most part.

What’s your height/weight, and bf percentage?

your weight/rep schemes sounds right, but what exercises do you do? How many sets? How long is rest? How many weight room sessions do you do? Whats your running schedule look like? If all is planned right you shouldnt worry about weight, your body will adjust to the right weight as long as your training is correct.

Well I am 5’11" and about 205lbs and my guess at bf would be between 12-14%. As for my routine:

Mon: 2x10 depth jumps; 4x6 depth jumps; snatch/ box jumps complex, 4x2 heavy squats;2 0r 3x5 GM

Thurs: 2x10 depth jumps; 4x6 depth jumps; snatch/ box jumps complex; box squats, Bulgarian squats

In all honestly the last 3 or 4 weeks, tempo/cardio has been minimal and its been difficult to keep the weight down. Over the summer I was planning on competing indoors and was down at around 190. As it got colder I changed my program to plyos and max weights to try and increase my vert. Went well for a while until the holidays when I lost interest in doing tempo and found it in eating :frowning: . But now Id like to go back to compete in one or two meets indoors . And I REALLY hate being over 200lbs.

Guys I’m Having exactly the opposite problem, I want more hypertrophy and strength, I’m 172cm tall about 5 feet 7" and I weigh in at about 67.2kg (147 lbs) with 7% body fat and a basal metabolic rate of 1907 cal.

I want more size and useful size what should I do???

Dont get too caught up in putting on a lot of size, unless you are in a contact sport like football. Pretty much you want to increase the relative strength ratio by using maximal weights and functional bodyweight increases will come as a result.
Also how old are you??
Because if you are still in your teens, I can assure you that as you get older solid mass will come.

I am 171cm tall and a few months ago I was 58kg. Since then I have been lifting weights and eating non-stop. I now weigh…58kg.
I suppose this is a good thing for a sprinter as I have less of my own weight to pull. My strenght is improving and my times keep going down, so basically I don’t worry!

I’m 24, so I think I’m not going to get any bigger, and my body mass is basically jsut bone, muscle and water, I got a body composition test done on tuesday and it reads:

Percent Body Fat: 7%
Fat Body Weight: 4.7 kg
Lean Body Weight: 62.7 kg
Basal Metabolic Rate: 1906 cal/day
Total Body Water: 45.0 Liters
66.8% of body weight
71.8% of lean body weight
Bioresistance: 411ohms

oh and 21 inch thighs
I think that I need more, on the upside I am squatting a 1RM of 135 kg which is over 2 times my bodyweight.

Get a bioresistance test done first thing in the morning, noon and then in the evening on the same day. I bet your “bodyfat” goes up and down by 3-4% in one day. :eek:

If its on those scales that pass the current through the feet you will notice that the more barefoot tempo you do, the “fatter” you get because your feet don’t conduct as well the thicker the skin gets on the soles.

yeah, I got it done first thing in the morning, actually it was done at about 11am but it was done on an empty stomach, and it was the kind with the electrodes on the back of the hands and on the top part of the foot (I forgot the word for it)

also DC, remember I sent you a video of my starts, I think that I found a way to get out of the blocks better, at least for me, and it seems kinda logical. I widened the distance between my hands, and so my shoulders drop a bit more, meaning that when I come out of the blocks I can really use the power in my legs to get out at a lower angle of attack. I’ll try to get a video of it, from a direct side on view and also a front on view. I’ll send them to you as soon as I tape them so you can transform them and do your magic, so everyone can give me their input.