For your glutes and hamstring

Since i don’t have a machine that works on your glute and i dont have an access to the gym, would you replace it with mtn biking?

For those who had never mtn biked before, when you try to bike up a hill, it will make your hamstring and your glutes reallly sore.

So, do you think mtn biking is a good replacement for weightlifting on your glutes?

Do you have a squat rack or platform to dead lift from?
Those two, and their variations, are by far the best exercises to develop the hips, butt and legs. forget the mtn biking.

the soreness is more likely from a lactic acid build up, deadlift something…do plyometrics, there are many great ways.

Yes i do have a squat rack.

THe idea of mtn biking just kinda came to me since i go mtn biking a lot. Which brings up the question, would mtn biking mess me up as a sprinter?

different mechanics, different energy systems —
sure, for recreational purposes, by all means, have fun, but I can’t see how for a sprinter it would make any sense to regularly include mtn biking as part of your training, even for cross training/general prep.

PS - Chain yourself to the squat rack. squat. a lot. lather, rinse, repeat.

Wouldn’t that work your glutes?

Glute ham raises do more for hams, adductors and calves than glutes. They don’t do a lot for glutes at all.

If your glutes are pre-fatigued from squatting then the GHR hits them hard.

deep squats, deadlifts, snatch-grip deadlifts, roman deadlifts, reverse back extensions, back extensions to some extent, cable pull throughs. If you have a foot strap for the cable you can do hip extensions, same motion and a glute-isolator.