for esteemed Charlie: re: comparing squat strength and speed between Mark Desai Ben

(Forgive the inherent grossly simplistic nature of the following question, however…) - Am I correct in the assumption that Mark and Desai’s best squat was completed with a weight of 525 lbs? Harking back to an earlier time when Ben’s best squats were also around 525 lbs (rather than the 600 lbs that they would eventually become) - was Ben posting times similar to those that Mark and Desai ran when his strength was comparable to theirs?
Much gratitude!

Not really. Ben was already running 10.00 by then, but the level of the squat doesn’t tell the whole story by any means. What about consistency, rep numbers, tolerance of the combination of speed work and weights over time, etc? Also, what about other lifts, ie Mark was a great cleaner but Ben wasn’t? Also Mark’s 100m was a secondary event.

Ahh yes, (slaps forehead)… I figured that the question was far too simplistic in its construction :slight_smile: - those pesky “other variables” in life always have a way of mucking-up an hypothesis, don’t they? - Very kind of you to respond, Charlie, thank you!

I assume by Mark you mean Mark Mccoy?

I met him at the Donovan/Johnson 150meter race at Skydome. Mark was a class act and very friendly.

He was one of my track heros growing up.

Chris30 - Mark was always someone who cast an inspiration on me… when I was a kid, it was partly because we were both born in the same country, but moreso because of his tremendous ability on the track. When I was a kid (in the 80’s) I called up Mark and shyly asked if he’d consent to be my coach. We had a lovely conversation… and he seemed amicable to the idea - but I stalled (shyness, again) and I think he moved and I no longer had his tel#. I used to train nightly at York Univ here in Toronto when I was in highschool, and saw him there as well… but I probably had another coach at that time. He grew up in a neighbourhood near where I used to work at that time, and I’d see him around from time-to-time. A fellow who was a close highschool friend of his (also a fine hurdler) was a friend of mine. Then a few years ago, Mark came to my place of work. Serendipity is fascinating.