For Duxx and....

For Duxx and other is correct for improvening 1RM of Deadlift this Progression for Intermediate 18 age old?

Week1-of-10)-Deadlift: 1x3x375(setsxRepsxLbs)
W2)Deadlift: 1x2x400
W3)Deadlift: 1x2x425
4-Deadlift: 1x2x450
5-.Deadlift: 3x3x400
6-.Deadlift: 1x2x425
7-Deadlift 1x2x450
8-Deadlift: 1x2x475
9-Deadlift: 1x1x490
Week10/End /CONTEST of Deadlift-Deadlift 1x1x500

You seem like a real assballs. You got a bunch of detailed answers to the exact same question 5 weeks ago in the 1RM-deadlift thread. You didn’t respond or say how the lifter was progressing, and now you simply ask the same question again? I regret spending the time to write out a detailed program.


He asks for replies, but then goes elsewhere for another answer. I called him on it for a post on another forum that he then asked here and then he deleted the post on this forum.