For Charlie again

Thank you for answering my last question. In the CFTS I had read though if you have had bad training when you young and developing and some of your mid twitch went to slow twitch this can not be changed back. I just wanted to know that so if I had a bad training when I was young that twitch that became slow can change back to fast just as if I was always doing the right training. (I could still hit the highest peak that I could have run in my life):stuck_out_tongue:

Also I had a coach that tried to apply Michael Johnson’s workout to me and it for me didn’t seem to do anything also so I think that you are right about there being no secret sauce for any athlete. You have to see them to know what they need. By the way my 60 meters is like 6.95 and my 100 is like 10.50, What’s up with that?’
Thank you Charlie
god bless

I think that is about right. We have a sprinter in ohio who ran a 6.9 60 meter time(FAT) and ran a 10.6 100 meter time (FAT) so a 6.9 to a 10.5 is right.