Footplant has gone to poos, help!

Well I use to have really good footplant, but for some reason my feet are being angled to far outwards when they hit the ground.

Like \ /

instead of | |

Reasons I thought for this may be:

  • Form?
  • Muscle imbalance, hip, abductor, or back (all areas I have had previous problems with)?

I have no clue, but if anyone knows much on the subject can you please post?


The foot plant should be natural…just land on the balls of your feet and stop worrying. Pump the arms and the legs will do what they have to.

I couldn’t help notice you’ve changed your avtar from Gatlin to Asafa…jumping ship already huh…

When did you notice this? Do you think it might be related to the car accident. :confused:

No probably not because I have run perfectly since then (with good foot plant) and Ive had all my realignments fixed. Dunno maybe its just muscle fatigue at end of practice.

Yea thanks for that, I’m probably over obessesing. Well you could say that, I have always liked both asafa and Jgat, but gatlin more. But honestly if he gets banned then AP will be number one, I dont see Jgat getting out of this one which is saddening :frowning:

LOL…yeah…I hope he gets better soon. He’s still my boy!

Yea got a picture of him on my wall which will still remain up regardless :slight_smile:

One of my athlete’s had a similiar problem - tight pirifomis was the problem. Try focussing on stretching those hip rotators, good luck.