Football Training

I didn’t know where to put this so I guess. I’ll put this here if it doesn’t belong here I’ll move it. Alright football is right around the corner I’ve been working out all year I’ve seen some improvements in my speed but now its time for me to get back into running I have around 50 days. I need to improve my linear speed and laterall speed and endurance. I seen a sample workout that person posted but said I can get more info and help over here.
Here the workout
Monday: Sprints
5 x 10m with 2 minutes in between each rep
7-10 minute break
5 x 20m with 3 minutes in between each rep
7-10 minute break
3 x 30m with 4-5 minutes in between each rep

Plyos/Weights after sprints


10 x 100m tempo at <75% intensity (if your best 100m in the same conditions was 10s, then you would complete the reps in 12.5s). 45s-1 minute rest in between each rep. You can do bodyweight work including abs, push-ups, walking lunges, pull-ips, low intensity plyos, etc. in between each rep, adjust rest accordingly. Medicine ball work is also good on these days.

3 x 10m with 2 minutes in between each rep
5 minute break
3 x 20m with 3 minutes in between each rep
7-10 minute break
5-7 x 30m with 4-5 minutes in between each rep
if you start to notice a drop in performance between each rep, stop the workout.

Plyos/Weights after sprints

Thursday: Same as Tuesday

Friday: Sprints then weights/plyos

Saturday: Same as tues/thurs (you can vary the reps and distances, but make sure you are always at 75% intensity or BELOW)

Sunday: Off
will this help me achieve my goals.Also I’m a DE/OLB. I really need to improve my 40 time it’s around a 5.2 but I did clock a 4.9 but it wasn’t clocked by a coach so I don’t count it.

Also I workout with the school monday-wednesday and friday and we usually run their but it’s stupid running like run to your dead exhausted running sometimes.Most of the time it’s either a 9min run or a half mile then 5 10’z 5 20’s and 5 40’s. I also workout alone tuesday and thrusday. Also what would be some good pylo work and can it be possible to incorpate suicides and bleacher runs I heard that helps improve endurance

no max V training? the reason i say this is because, as brought up to me earlier this year, as football players we spend a light of time running upright. Your schedule looks alright, but you have to be more specific with what your team makes you do on what days. This will also dictate what your sprinting schedule. ie, we need 24 run days, but I only need 12 if i do this special program, which I am doing, so i’ve replaced tempo days with it twice a week for five weeks. Bleacher runs and suicides? Nah, longer sprints and tempo help with endurance, especially since tempo is of an interval nature. I dont like to do plyo as I am larger and sprinting itself is the best plyometric. I keep it basic so I don’t burn myself out and can focus on the two most important things for sport. Speed and Strength. I hit it hard on the track, then in the weight room(with basic stuff, ie today I did lower body, all I did was deadlifts off a 2 inch platform, on upper day I did close grip flat bench press and wide grip lat pull downs). Thus far Ive been getting much faster and stronger, which positively effect COD, etc…

what max v training

flying sprints, sprints that go beyond the distance of where your acceleration stops. ie my mav V workout today included flying 20’s, and 60m sprints from a standing start…things of that nature

Ight I’ll be sure to add that in. Can you give me an example of the endurance training you wanted to add to it. Also during football we run alot of miles for some reason I don’t know why

i consider longer sprints and tempo to be endurance, ie 1-2x120m or 150m is what i do after my acc. and max v session. and then tempo is tempo…

OK but how to change Volume and Intensity in 4-8 weeks Preseason?Thanx