Football Program?

Hey, im new to these forums. Im currently 5’7 140 lbs. Im trying hard to put on weight, i have a good body so far pretty muscular but not that big. I ran a 5.1 40. That was before I started working out, I know that slow and im trying to work on it. I played football last year and i want to play football again next year and run track also. I have really really good acceleration, and quickness, agility. I seem to slow off as I run farther, like the first 10 yards I think I can beat anyone but I slow off after. Im just looking to basically improve my speed, so i can be faster for football,track. Ill appreciate any help you guys can give me, Thanks alot. I also played corner but want to move over to running back, I really need like a training program. So if any of you have a good training program I would appreciate it, thanks.

Perform an extensive search of the site entering the following terms:

limit strength
strength speed
speed strength
relative strength
starting strength

After you have gathered all of that information, if you are interested in receiving a detailed correspondence program feel free to email me at


I responded in your other thread.