Foot/Lower Leg Development

In the Elite Edition training manual, it states

The foot/lower leg interaction needs a lot of development…You can have all the strength and power in your hips but if it gets absorbed by your lower legs rather than being returned you aren’t going to go anywhere

How does one go about developing this lower leg ability?

ECC calf raises.

ECC = eccentric?

By not training & living in mega cushioned/support running shoes.

Yes sir…

We perform most of our tempo in bare feet. Train in spikes. Any specific drills or lifts that can help?

EMS for the feet is awesome.

I may be wrong but I believe ems is already in his athletes program.

I am definately an example of this. recently I have been doing single leg hops as well as ankle rotations. I have also been doing my tempo in barefeet. i seems to be making a difference…