Another Question

Ok, in the SE1 and SE2 that I’m following how exactly is this method of application going to make me a better sprinter VS doing say a 600,400,200,400,600 or some other type of variation that I remember doing in High School and Collage?

Is it that it the SE1 and 2 are more sports specific to the 100 and 200 meters?

What I’m trying to understand is that the workouts are brief and intense then it’s over; I almost feel guilty not having to endure a ladder workout…lol

20+x60m are brief workouts that you don’t find as hard as ladders? I wish I could have you do those for me!

Who does 20+60s? I mean it’s possible at 60-70% effort… That is not so bad…

60-70% effort? What are you trying to accomplish? That is a tempo workout, not an SE workout.

Have you seen the Vanc. video or the graphs? There are a LOT of 60s in some of those workouts and even if you use a 20m intensity limit, you are likely running those well over 90%.

lol, yes I have the chart… More or less, I’m just fascinated in how the actual program works, that’s all.

People post in here to understand if they are actually doing the program right however, as for myself, I’m just curious as to how the program works. That’s what I’m trying to accomplish in a nut shell.

Well the workouts aren’t brief… are quite intense… and often much harder than a “ladder”, but in a different sense.

3X4X60 with rest 2.5 min rep/7 min set as listed doesn’t strike me as particularly “hard”. It is a way to get some volume early in the phase.

Maybe if you’re a distance runner things might be different.

How is that not hard? If you run them ass slow, maybe not so hard. If you are running them fast though…

If 3X4X60 in 2.5/7 with a 20m acceleration limit is not balls-to-the-walls hard. It’s not 100% because of the accel limit. If you have problems doing this maybe you should consider long-short, or maybe you’re not in shape yet, or maybe you’re not doing them as Charlie suggests.

No shit it isn’t 100% of max speed, but it should be fairly fast. Again, if you are running them hard, it should be difficult to complete. If you are a 10.5 sprinter, you are only accelerating to 30m maximally and perhaps 35m if it is submax. 12x60 with 20m is tough… considering coaches who have 6.6 60m guys have said their athletes find this very tough and Charlie himself said these should be hard as hell, perhaps they aren’t running them hard enough.

Hay guys I have another question…

I was looking at the CFTS and how during some of the sprint sessions Charlie would have his athletes do one legged hops for 30m.

I would like to incorporate this into my Vancouver training.

So would the proper way to set up a speed day using the one legged hops would be:

1.4X30 one leg hops
2.4X30 blocks