Focus on Acceleration

I’m working with 2 rugby players with the specific goal of improving their acceleration. I’ve been designated these guys for 3 months.

Both guys are quite advanced if not elite, mid 20s, have v. good top end speed, low bodyfat, decent but not spectacular gym numbers. Acceleration over short distance is a problem for both. Hence improvement of acceleration speed is our sole focus for the next few months.

I’ve outlined the weekly structure below.
Weights sessions are made up of 4 lifts (Any combo of Deads, cleans, squats, RDLs, Step-ups, Box squats). We also include 1 upper body push and 1 upper body pull exercise.

Mon: AM: Weights
PM: Sled work - alternating between sprints with and without sled (10 of each), sled loads varying from 10-25% bodyweight. Distance:10-15m
Tues: Tempo runs
Wed: AM: Plyometrics PM: Weights
Thurs:Speed session - 40m sprints x 8. 4 min recovery
Fri: Recovery
Sat: AM: Sled work - same as Monday PM: Weights
Sun: Recovery

Would really appreciate anyone’s thought and feedback on the program above.

Thanks guys