Foam Rollers?

There was a recent t-mag article about foam rollers here:;jsessionid=1F2D83D413A5BB38FDC056B33E49D6EB.ba11?article=04-021-training. What do you think of these? What are the pros/cons over therapies like EMS and massage?

Great products. My fiance is in school as a PT, and they use them all the time for situations like those laid out in the t-mag article. Very cheap, and very effective.

Very useful. Although I wouldn’t consider them as a substitute for EMS or massage. Each has specific uses. For self-myofascial release, the foam rollers tend to work better for larger surface areas like the quads, hamstrings, back, etc. For the hips, hip flexors and neck/traps it’s easier to get in there with small rubber balls.

I’ve used them for quads, hammies, shins, and even hip flexors, but I felt they were most effective with the IT band. Easy and cheap- I can spend my massage budget on the smaller areas where rollers don’t cut it.

we have discussed such products a while ago with very good reviews.i think clemson used such with good results.he may have more insight

I would use Krasnayfleur for my flexiblity manual model but she is booked up for catalog work…


bodyweight and gravity
body logic balls

what can’t be done well should be done with massage…art is exensive and is billed to fast…massage is by hour and ART is by treatment (could be as little as 5-10 minutes with that guy from

I also forget the program…volumes, intensities, and technique will create a response…

Don’t roll in order to roll…

screw catalogues, i would rather do something as useful as a flexibility manual in a heartbeat!

What’s up with the flexibility manual anyway? I thought it was supposed to be ready last summer. Tease.

An alternative to the foam roller is a product called the quad baller, made by Trigger Point Technologies. It’s a little sturdier and applies deeper pressure. Personally, I use both.


I was going to distribute it last summer…but my laptop was stolen…

That’s right, I forgot. Sorry about bringing up such a pleasant memory.

where can you purchase a foam roller???

Try here. This is where I ordered mine. They have a nice line of products. There are also a ton of other suppliers. Just use google.

Mention to OPTP that you are a coach and they normally will offer you a discount on there equipment.

Good article. I wish I had read it before I took my NASM certification test today. I missed a few on this subject :frowning: Still passed with a 90!

Im stoked…