Flying Runs?

okay we all know the best way to develop top speed is through flying runs ex fyling 20 or 30m.

  1. what is the ideal distance (run up) before hitting the actual distance?

  2. if ex u perform a 30m run up before ur flying 20, how different is it exactly from running a flat 50m? is it just cause u get to time the last 20m of it?

  3. ideal number of flying runs during a session?

  4. max distance of flying run for top speed development?

sorry so many qs but hope i get some response here. thnks anyway

  1. I feel faster with 20m accel zone

  2. You do a semi fast but semi easy accleration, then after you reach the end of the accel zone you sprint as fast as you can. Flying sprints allow you to practically reach max speed without wearing you down with all of the acceleration work

  3. 3x15m flying submaximal if its for the first time ever. Work your way up to 5x15m submaximal…then work back down to 3x15 maximal. and progress to 5-8x15m, then increase it to 3-4x20m. That’s what I would do. At your peak, 5-8x20m sounds good, however I’m not 100% sure

  4. I have heard 20m is the recommended distance once you’ve accustomed yourself to flying runs. If you’re more advanced, 25-30m can be employed, otherwise for most that is speed endurance technically.

Hope this helps you out.

Usually flying runs are done in sets of 4 and the amount depends on your working capacity for one. The acceleration distance determines top speed so the longer the accel the higher speeds can be attained. But of course when starting sprint training one can usually achieve top speed in 20m. The fly distance depends on how long you can maintain good form (hips high etc.) in top speed and of course training goals.