Flying 60s and extending SE

Hey this is a question for Charlie or anyone else on the forum who has an opinion.

I am currently doing broken 160s for speed endurance. This involves 3x2 at 80 metres, with timed 60m (hence the flying :wink: ) with a walkback recovery of about 1 minute and then run the second rep. With full recovery between sets.This is done at top speed and my question concerns extending this.

When would you move from 80m to 100m or 120m? When you reach a plateau and the 60m times are not improving? Would the overall goal be to extend this to 200m or more? Or would you extend it at all. I think I am right that Charlie didn’t take Ben over 60m during the indoor season but I am focusing on the 200/400 this year (although wouldn’t mind running a quick 60m) so want good speed endurance.



Juggies welcome!

what exactly is your training plan? there are so many factors involved when times aren’t decreasing,current workload,current phase in training,reps in weights etc.all such phases will have an effect on your times but with proper understanding in unloading times should improve.

i think charlie stated before that the reason BJ didn’t work anything over 60m is because the indoor track wasn’t long enough and the 60m is pure acceleration.


I didn’t mean to imply that the times were not improving, they are, but my question was when do you increase the distance. Right now my training plan involves speed on monday 20m, 30m, 40m. With weights afterwards. Tuesday we do hill work. Wednesday I do Yoga, and weights (auxilliary weights i.e not bench or squat) Thursday is the speed endurance day that I am asking about, with weights afterwards. Then Friday and Sunday I do Yoga again, and Saturday is another hill workout but with longer distances, followed by weights.

My question was just meant to determine whether the SE was extended on a set schedule i.e every three weeks, or if it was extended when a plateau was reached, or perhaps when the difference between reps became short enough.

Thanks for your help.


ok you are doing

monday-speed weights
wednesday-yoga weights
thursday-SE weights
saturday-hills weights

hillwork on tuesday wouldn’t be the best idea as hills acn be pretty stressful and your cns would suffer later on in the week.stay fresh!

i usually would increase my SE every 3-4 weeks depending on what phase i’m in

Hey X-man thanks for the reply, I totally agree about the hills on Tuesday but there is not much I can do. Gotta do what the coach says right? It was a major victory just to get the two speed days a week that I have to follow the Tuesday and Saturday workouts. But don’t worry I slack doing the hills (kidding). But I always try to get into an ice tub after that and then contrast that with steam room with a little self massage so hopefully I will be recovered for thursday.

But 3-4 weeks sounds good. I just want to ensure that when the indoor season is around I will be able to maintain the speed. Also in terms of keeping track of the progress would you recommend that when I move up to 100m or 120m that I still time the last 60m? I suppose the goal would be that the time would be similar to the 60 split from the 80m run.