Flying 100m, difference btw race/training

What’s the technical era ( or problem) if one’s 100m (Comp) time
is faster than their flying 100m w/ 20m zone in training at 100%.

Example: Meet 100m Times: 11.40 FAT
Flying 100m Training: 11.7’s ht

The flying 100m should be at least .75 faster is my thinking

Any thoughts?

Probably, but how fresh are you in training? Also, weather can play a part. you can compete well in conditions you can barely train in, due to the adrenaline that flows.

I have always thought that flying times were around .70’s also. Does the runner have a problem with finding the same intensity in practice? If so, this could account for the differences in times.

Thanks Charlie, But .3 is alot? But I understand your point thanks again.