Fluid in the lungs?

Today in Gym we went outside to do a 4x100m relay and it was a little cool outside and on my second run i feel like i had “fluid” in my lungs and that made it hard for me to inhale and exhale.Also, it later it started to burn in the middle of my lungs.

Whats the cause of this?
I know it not that am out of shape because when i am out of shape i dont encounter this problem.Or, my eatin habits are bad??

are you asthmatic? that fluid you mention might just be phlem (spelling?), in which case you could be sick or getting symptoms of possibly bronchitis (I got this last year, really bad). If you are getting these symptoms during the cooler periods, this is usually a truigger for asthma. Anywhere during cool & dry places can cause some wheezing from a production of phlem and you notice some problems breathing, with possible coughing.

I would advise that if it continues and this becomes more of a problem and you’re concerned, go see you doctor. He might refer you to see a Respirologist to test for asthma.

I am going through something like this, but I am waiting to see if it gets worse as winter draws near. If it gets worse, I have already discussed this with my Dr., and we agreed that I would see the specialist (Dr.) to do an asthma test.

I find that if I train indoors during winter and then I walk outside (no physical exertion outside), I tend to start to wheeze and have a “tight” chest. And I have no family history of anyone being asthmatic or taking any puffers. Its a little frustrating; so it occurred to me that maybe I have developed EIA, exercise induced asthma. I am a little skeptical, b/c I know that EIA usually occurs with athletes that have a family history and that are endurance athletes, which neither applies to me (I am a sprinter).

Gotta wait and see