Flexible plate spike recommendations?

Can any of you recommend a good flexible plate spike? I successfully managed to strain my achilles a couple of weeks ago wearing the adidas demolishers. I don’t want to take a chance with these again.

While I’m on the topic, any hints on how I can recover from this, I’ve been out for about 3 weeks. It feels fine to walk on, but anything more and there is a bit of tenderness. I’m thinking the use of heat/ ice, minor stretching/ massage? Very frustrating. Thanks.

So you strain your achilles and immediately blame your shoes? I’d look somewhere else unless you’re running in oly shoes or high heels.

No, the injury was brought on by doing too much acceleration work. This put the excess strain on my achilles. The spikes did not help matters though. I don’t want to encourage a repeat of this injury, so I’m eliminating all possible contributing factors.