flexibility help

can anyone, give me a good stretching routine, im not flexible at all so i need help to get a lil bit faster. i can only touch maybe the bottom of my shins. any hep is appreciated, thank you

I’d suggest a few internet searches on the common stretching methods in use. Here are the main ones I’m familiar with:

AIS - Active Isolated Stretching
PNF - Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation
static stretching
ballistic stretching
microstretching - search this site for the thread

Start slow, stretching before and after exercise is good, and can the toe-touch stretch; it strains your back.


I do this twice a week, and not much other stuff due to time and my flexibility has increased hugely

well could you tell me what kind of stretches are involved in micro stretchin or what the other guy said please


here is the site for microstretching. go to the article “microstretching for improved flexibility.” i’m pretty sure this article will help you the most.


since we’re talking about flexibility, i’ve got a question. When you’re static stretching are you supposed to go till it burns or before the burning feeling. after reading about microstretching it sounds like any “traditional” static stretching just creates microtears…

don’t wait until you feel a burn!!! burn = bad (I feel like I’m talking to a toddler) but seriously, in Martial arts, which I’ve practiced for over 13 years, and got me most of my flexibility (injury free) I always stretched til I felt a sensation as though I was actually pulling on the muscle and the tendons just a tiny bit into the “stretch range” (I don’t think I explained this well at all), you stretch, and move the muscles out of their comfort range and into the range of stretching, but not so much as to put it in the injury range.

normal movement---------------[—stretching------[-----injury------>
^stretch til you’re in this area, and remember, stretching is slow, so be patient, but also be consistent and constant

Good article on PNF stretching


Make sure you don’t neglect the hip flexors (this used to be my weak point). I found a good stretch to loosen them up was to get in the common ilio psoas stretch position but place your back foot on a chair and maintain a good knee angle that allows your knee to remain off the floor, then just allow the hips to sink downwards. I always stretch for 30-40 seconds between commercial breaks while watching TV.