Flat feet

Here is my question: Do flat feet hurt, help, or do nothing towards sprint performance? It was always on my mind but could never find anything about it. My feet are really flat, i have no arches their just like two straight lines. I’m not a heavy person either.

Its good that you’re not a heavy person. People that have flat feet are much more prone to problems like Plantar fasciitis and Lower back problems.
As far as it benefiting or hindering athletic performance, I don’t see any coorelation. Of course, if what I have mentioned above arises, then there is no doubt that it will affect performace for the worse.
My advice would be, that if you are not being adversly affecting with flat feet then don’t worry about it for now, especially if you’re having economic problems. However, if you get any sort of discomfort, then I would immediately seek help for proper intervention.

The only kind of discomfort that i get is when im wearing spikes that they are extremely tight.

and the discomfort you feel is in your arches? elsewhere?

right in the middle of my feet, the inside and outside