Flat Feet and your vertical leap

Do people who have flat feet usually have a harder time gaining vert and also does it lead them to having a vert defieciney well let me know thanx.

Not that I am aware of. Jordan’s feet are very flat [his Air Jordan shoe is designed with virtually no arch support to reflect his preference for this]. I had a vertical leap of consistently close to 40 inches [with a 2 step approach] and my feet are flat as pancakes.

o ok yea my fleet are flat as hell man,also would ur growth plates not being closed yet have things to do with your vert and your muscular matruity and also how strong fibers are. Well lemme know thanx i think when i was younger the orthotics killed kness i did them with aa2 man did that hurt lol big mistake but i learned now but well lemme know on that other comment like i look 15-16 but im almost 19 now still no facial hair yet turn 19 in november i mean im a late bloomer so will i most likely notice alot more muscle little later on and height and stronger fibers etc. Thanx lemme know.
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