First time massage, what to look for

I had my first regeneration massage session a few days ago. I have never had massage before so I have no idea what I should be looking for. Are there any specific things I should be looking for to tell if the guy is doing the right thing, things that he shouldn’t be doing. Also are there any instructions I should give the guy about how I want to be massaged or how would be best for the purpose I want it to be used? At least the guy seems competent and is a sports specialist (treats rugby players mostly).

I would say to direct the massage a least to let the person know where to work. Often I have had massages that didn’t do anything for me since they didn’t ask what I needed and just started. Normally now I dedicate a few minutes at the beggining before the massage begins to go over any specific problems. Also during the massage a add verbal instructions as to where the pain is ect.

Thanks, so basically, I should just use logic and make sure there is good communication to make sure the problem areas are being treated.