First meet tomorrow, tapering complete!!

I am running my first 100 meter tomorrow since 1997!!

Have been training fairly consistently since late April.

Did a small taper this week and things feel pretty good right now. I am looser than usual, no major soreness anywhere. I dont feel particularly snappy but overall feel pretty good.

I’ll post results tomorrow afternoon when I get back. Not sure what to expect. I haven’t done much in the way of blockwork but have done lots of lying start 30m to 60 meter sprints etc. Haven’t done any SE work either so I am curious to see how much I die over the last 25 meters hehehe… I’ll honestly be happy with anything in the 11’s electric first time out! :smiley:

For my taper I did the following:
Thursday I was going to do a lighter speed workout but ended up doing just weights due to the pouring rain.

did 4 sets of cleans and some bent over rows. Felt pretty good and explosive.

Yesterday just a warmup with 6x60 meter strides, high knee running drills and dynamic stretching.

Today was much of the same except I did 3x60 meter strides and then a couple of falling start accels for about 25 meters or so.

Feel pretty good and loose. I am itching to get on the track tomorrow. I havent done full speed since Monday (weather wasn’t cooperating) I hope that doesnt affect me too much tomorrow.


Maybe all the fathers in your race will feel heavy and bloated in their race from eating scones and jam their sons and daughters gave them. That’d be nice.


Raced today and it went pretty well. (It was the Ontario Top three Qualifier Junior and Senior)

Weather was warm (26-28 degrees C) wind was about -2.0 in your face.

Start time was delayed by over an hour so I wasn’t the warmest when we raced but it was ok.

Ended up running 12.15 FAT but I was side by side with the leaders up to 40 meters. Start was very good and acceleration was good. After 50 meters I started to really feel it (It felt like a marathon after 50 meters haha!) so I just relaxed and tried to keep my form smooth.

(I haven’t done ANY real sprint training over 60 meters in distance so I wasn’t too worried about feeling crappy in the last 40 meters)

I was pretty happy. Everyone ran about 3-4 tenths off their PB’s and this was the first time I was in spikes on a track using blocks since late 1997! (Over 6 years!!)

I think I am on track for a good 50 and 60 meter indoor time this winter if I can keep my strength climbing and get the transition to upright running nice and smooth. I have the race on video and I’ll post it later. I think the guy that won ran 10.8X or 10.9X and I was right beside him up to the 40 meter mark so I was quite happy with that!


Well done Chris :clap:

Thanks! It was great to get some of the rust off hehe :slight_smile:

I was really happy with the start and first 40 meters, hopefully the next couple of months will help in the 30-60 meter section where I need to work on my transition.

Good Job today Chris!

I ran in the Junior Division as well and ended up winning In 10.83.

Keep up the good work man.

Awesome man!! Congrats!

We probably walked past each other a dozen times before the race haha!