Fira Dvoskina

For any Aussies on the forum, does anyone know anything about Fira Dvoskina’s approach to sprint training?
Is anyone on the forum in fact coached by her? Is her approach similar to that of Michael Khmel? (they are both from the Ukraine right?).

I’m not sure. She seems like a pretty open person so I’d ask her if you are near her in Sydney, she is certainly popular with lots of the Sydney based athletes.

You’d assume that it would be similar to other former eastern block coaches with an emphasis on strength and technique, you mentioned Michael Khmel so something similar to him perhaps. Her hurdlers all have very strong technique and being around 55 or so she has a lot of experience.

Thanks Speedster, but do u know anything about Fira’s approach to sprint training?

Re. 14 strides. Privalova has already utilised a 14 stride pattern to good effect. She was running 14’s to 5, 15’s to 8, and 16’s home. She won the olympics in 53,0secs with that.

Freeman is scheduled to run in Mexico City on May 3rd in a 300m.

Feeman recently finished 2nd to Pittman in a 400m race.

This was her first defeat over 400m in a long time.

I believe she was even with Pittman over the first 200m, but, Pittman pulled away over the later stages.

I didn’t see the race - but, only got the above brief info on teletext, over here in the UK.

Didn’t Pittman open up with a 53 high 400m hurdles? Sorry I don’t have any specifics.

I saw the race live and it was awesome. 53.76, breaking her PB of 54.14 from Manchester last year. She then ran 50.43 over the weekend to defeat Freeman, Freeman’s first loss since 1996 Atlanta Final (barring injury race in 98 where she fractured a bone in her foot) and the first time she’s been beated by an Australian in 11 years. Lots of history!

Jana is training with Phil King in Victoria, who coached wife Debbie Flintoff King to Gold in Seoul. Their work ethic is phenominal and she’s the fittest and fastest ever running 4 pbs this Australian domestic season of 23.52/36.34/50.43/53.76! She is trialling running 14 strides to hurdle 5 which no other woman in the world has done, she got that doing 53.76. There is little competition for her here in Australian over the sticks so she’ll open up in Europe later this year and smash her PBs again.

Jana’s coach before King was AIS Coach Craig Hilliard and before that Jackie Byrnes, who coached Australian Record Holder Melinda Gainsford-Taylor. During Jana’s time with Jackie and training with Mel her hurdle coaching was done by Fira Dvoskina. Fira now coaches sprint hurdler Jacquie Munro 13.09, Debbie Edwards 13.20, Professional Sprinter Andrew Pym and I believe assists Commonwealth Hepthlete Champ Jane Jamison.

Fira’s daugher Irina, also a athletics coach, has just been appointed Head Coach for Athletes with a disability at the AIS.

Is Cathy Freeman training in Austrailia or the US at the minute?

She is training in Melbourne, Australia. She ususally makes a trip to prepare in the US, part of which might be because her exhusband was American. Not sure if she will train there again or not.

I know that Jana is training in Italy and then Swizterland in her preparation for Paris later in the year.