Finish out summer cycle

Well for those lucky few who have been following my journal on here, you know that it’s time for me to start a new cycle. It’s my last real chance to improve and the stars are aligning in order for that to happen.
the giant short coming of my previous cycle was simply not enough running.
so, without further ado, here’s the next cycle

Goals: 7.35 fall forward 60m in flats (10% improvement) 275x3rx Full Squat, 200x1r Bench Press

6/21 - 8/8
Day 1: Tempo A (8x125x18sec)
2: Tempo B (6x100x14sec)
3: Speed 1 (flying 30’s x 4r x 2 sets)
4: Tempo A
5: Tempo B
6: Weights (cns) (Sq, BP, accesory)
repeated 5 times, rotating speed workouts
3: speed 3 (3x hollow 200s 50accel-100 cruise-50drive)
6: weights (cns) (test 275x3r SQ, 200x1r BP)
9:speed test (60m)
10: Massage/rest/ all manner of recovery.

On “weights (cns)” days, 10x10m starts will be done before lifting, accesory work (lat/ab/lowback/ hammie, etc.) will be done on a “feel” basis
On “speed” days, Easy singles of Snatch grip Deads will be done, following an old westside cycle (15sx1rx65% session 1, up 5% and down 3s next session)
General weight training will be done on tempo days, in a Westside extra workout format - light weight, some volume, high reps to stimulate a little hypertrophy and recovery. again, by need on a “feel” basis
“speed 2” = not a crappy jason patric sequel, but 60mx3rx2s @ 95%, like the John Smith workouts posted sometime ago
I’ll continue to add volume to the daily core work I’ve been doing. It really is helping.
Thanks for reading, comments welcome.

Is it just me, or do you seem to be doing too much tempo and not enough speed? 1 speed day a week seems a little low, and if you want a better 60m time wouldnt you want more emphasis on acceleration than maxv? My suggestion would be to arrange your program so that you have 2 speed days a week where one is accel and the other is maxv and then keep the cns weight day. Then you would have 3 tempo, 3 CNS, and one off. Sound good?

I think I get around that — there is Acc work on Strength days, as I pointed out - 10x10m. It isnt much, understandably, but it is enough to elicit response, and compliments the Limit strength work.
3 tempo, 3 CNS is too taxing for me. I have crappy dietary and recovery (sleep, mainly) habits and availibility. that breaks me down very fast.

I’d like to add, the 60m is less of a like “I’m gonna run this under race conditions and move into a new class of athlete” than it is diagnostic.

the tempo is up there b/c I have some flub to lose.