Final 40m only 3.95 seconds!

I run 6.8’s in the 60m…but my final 40m is only 3.95…from last year

Is there anything I can do at home or in the gym that will improve this?

any work outs on the track that can help? is this where speed endurance comes in? how long does it take to get good speed endurance?

anything i can do once a week to help my speed endurance?(workouts):help:

Thanks In advance guys

ps: looking to post some fast 100m times in my final year of highschool.

That’s an impossible question to answer as we don’t know what the 60m means. Is it 6.80 or 6.89. Do you have a great start and average finish (meaning top speed is poor, or is the acceleration even (meaning that speed endurance is poor). It may be a mechanics issue, as you may be loosing form. We need a lot more info. Start filling in the blanks for people.

Ok- I saw the post on stepping over- it’s a top speed issue, most likely associated with technique (you’re probably over-pushing). Now we need the exact 60 time.

My best 60m time thus far is 6.87. And I have a pretty good start

now can you help me out?:help:

Any help on this guys?..Please

As you are already falling behind after a great start, I suspect you’re pushing in your stride instead of stepping over, concentrating on form. Sprinting speed is based on rythem and the ability to repeat a stride pattern efficiently- not based on how much force you can apply on one step.