figuring out the numbers

Here is my question: When figuring out times for reps is it based on % of maximum speed for a distance? For example when figuring tempo pace for 400 meters that I would do in 60 sec as my fastest time would I divide by .75 and get 80 sec for tempo over that distance?

Question two is could someone give me a compact list of percents for the following
intensive tempo
special endurance 1
special endurance 2
Also are their other areas to look for that % would apply to?

correct. you divide by the %.

Ext tempo-65-75%

Intensive Tempo-75-85%

Special End1&2- 90-100%

Hey Quick,
Whats the diff b/w special endurance & speed endurance? or is it the samething just diff. name?
The reason I ask is b/c those %iles you listed for intensive tempo and Sp. End. 1&2, look high to be callled tempo. They seem more like speed endurance to me. Am I wrong? Thanks Bud

Speed and Special endurance is generally the same thing only Speed Endurance is reps up to 80 meters and special enduracne 1 is up to 300 and special end 2 is up to 600 with around 1200 meters total volume per session.

A quick answer.

Speed Endurance is anything done at speed greater than about 6 seconds. Therefore anything above 6 seconds is speed endurance. I would say anything from 85 - 95% is speed end.

Special Endurance is anything longer than event distance. There are 2 types 1 & 2. SE1 is 150 - 300m (15 - 45 secs) and SE2 300 - 600m (45 - 90secs)

Doesn’t totally answer question, but it is an idea

I’m a little confused, first you say that speed endurance is anything above 6 sec and then you further explain how SE1 is b/w 15-45 sec, so doesn’t that mean that anything below 15sec is really NOT speed endurance??

I think that anything more then 100m is considered speed endurance and anything below is just brut speed. Am I wrong?? thoughts?

Thank you - that is it.

amos and Vito -

I have a complete list of each type of training. Give me your email address and I’ll be happy to send it to you both

Thanks DaGov,


Thanks for the info in advance.