Felt slow at my indoor season opener

60m today and 200m tomorrow, and in the 60m today I felt pretty slow, although I did PB in the heats and semi finals, it was only a bit faster than my 60m pb last season.

So whats going on here? I’ve increased my squat by a lot, power clean, bench press, basically every one of my lifts has gone up, mind you I have gained some weight, but everyone tells me I have more power, yet I’m not running much faster…

I’ve done 4 speed sessions prior to this meet or 5 (not sure) and one blocks technical session. Im thinking its a lack of speed work and/or my coach said the high volume of weights would cause me to feel a bit slower and once the weights taper off as season goes on later on, I’ll feel faster.

MY last squat session was 6 days ago (4 heavy sets) and my last lifting session was 3 days ago which was power cleans (new PB), bench press (hit my PB) and shoulder DB press (new PB in reps/weight).

So any help here guys?

You ran 2 PB’s meet 1 and haven’t really eased back on a heavy schedule. What were you expecting? :confused:

But the PB’s are obviously a result of my improved reaction (the start), the speed work from the previous outdoor season, and my physical maturity (Im 15), and I only PBed by a tenth and a half…
As for the heavy schedule, I forgot to ask this question, wouldnt a easy week of training be enough to get the body freshened up?
Any other thoughts?

At you level, yes one week would be enough

What was the 60m time?

the bigger you are and the more you step up the work, the longer into the season the peak is likely to come- give it a chance and see what happens when you are more recovered and te workload is a bit lighter (or at least you are more used to it)

Why does size matter? I agree, i found it usually take 3-4wks after heavy strength work to run fast.

Time was 7.28.
So I’d need to do a maintenance strength block to be able to peak even at a 60m?

Does me not doing much top speed work going to affect my permormance that much?

Yes, you need to reduce the CNS load so the speed can come up.

More mass= more time to peak performance, though that may or may not be reflected in the meets- depends on how you set up training- an experienced athlete can set it up to run fast the first time out by adjusting the training early enough.

Thanks charlie and others, I better understand this now.
So just one more thing, for a double or single periodized program, does this sound like a good enough volume to reduce CNS loads.

Squats once a week, 1-2 heavy sets (80% of 1RM)
Bench press once a week 3 heavy sets (80-95%)
power cleans 5 heavy sets once a week (80-near 100%)
+1 more auxillary lift (2-3 heavy sets)

pc twice a week 4 sets
sq once a week 1-3 sets
bp twice a week

ok sounds good, and what about the percentage wise of the 1RM? Gotta know how heavy to be lifting that :smiley:

Hold on here. Where are you, when does your season end (indoor & outdoor)? If you are in the US running the first meet possible I wouldn’t be slashing your training now. Are you trying to peak for the Santa Claus invitational?

If your last heavy squat day was like 6 days out, BP 3 days out, etc it sounds like someone knows what they’re doing. At 15 it could be a simple CNS stimulus issue that can be modified the day before or day of a meet. Take a light week but then get back into it. I really don’t see the need to put a 15 year old on the Ben Johnson maintenance program in November of the US track season.

Im in canada. Indoor starts always around this 1 week of time (end of november to first week of december) and ends mid march for club meets and for school indoor would end mid april. Outdoor starts may and ends august.

Im rather looking for info. generally to know throughout the year.

Maybe the answer lies in the middle- not quite so aggressive on each max phase with more max phases through the year. He will still be lifting close to the meet so I don’t see a problem there but I DO see a conflict between his current max lifting regime and the ability to generate sufficient explosive power to perform in the meets.
Max phases might be designed to last only 3 weeks each time, rather than 7, as you might plan for a more mature athlete, if they are reasonably close together.

pc 80-90%
bp 80-95%
sq 70-80% (closer to the lower end)

Ran my 200 today and although it was a indoor 200 PB, I didnt PB by much again, only a tenth and a half or 2 tenths I think. I didnt slow down by much (didnt feel like it) but rather I didnt hit a high enough top speed.