2009 US Champs LIVE


Michael Rodgers 9.85Q 4. 0
Ivory Williams 9.96Q 3.2
Darvis Patton 9.90Q 4
Travis Padgett 9.96Q 3.2
Leroy Dixon 10.00Q 4
Shawn Crawford 10.06Q 3.2
Monzavous Edwards 10.00Q 4
Bernard Williams 10.24Q 3.2
Trindon Holliday 10.03 4
Mark Jelks 10.06 4
Trell Kimmons 10.15 4
Ahmad Rashad 10.21 4
Marcus Brunson 10.25 3.2
Walter Dix 10.32 3.2
Rodney Martin 11.59 3.2

Carmelita Jeter 10.72Q 3.0
Alexandria Anderson 10.94Q 3.6
Marshevet Hooker 10.94Q 3
Muna Lee 10.94Q 3.6
Lauryn Williams 10.98Q 3
Shalonda Solomon 11.00Q 3.6
Jessica Young 11.06Q 3
Bianca Knight 11.13Q 3.6
Allyson Felix 11.17 3.6
Gloria Asumnu 11.19 3
Tianna Madison 11.2 3.6
Torri Edwards 11.2 3
LaKya Brookins 11.23 3
Mechelle Lewis 11.26 3.6
Tiffany Townsend 11.57 3

Bob Kersee… doing another fine job with a short sprinter… (sarcasm)


I also want to know why williams qualified. And what happened to dix

I heard a rumour that Dix was injured less than a week ago.

They took the top 4 from each heat. Heat 1 was MUCH faster than heat 2. Here it is with the lanes:

1 Michael Rodgers Nike 9.85Q 4.0 1
2 Ivory Williams Nike 9.96Q 3.2 2
3 Darvis Patton Nike 9.90Q 4.0 1
4 Travis Padgett adidas 9.96Q 3.2 2
5 Leroy Dixon Nike 10.00Q 4.0 1 [9.991]
6 Shawn Crawford Nike 10.06Q 3.2 2
7 Monzavous Edwards Nike 10.00Q 4.0 1 [9.999]
8 Bernard Williams adidas 10.24Q 3.2 2
9 Trindon Holliday L S U 10.03 4.0 1
10 Mark Jelks Nike 10.06 4.0 1
11 Trell Kimmons adidas 10.15 4.0 1
12 Ahmad Rashad unattached 10.21 4.0 1
13 Marcus Brunson unattached 10.25 3.2 2
14 Walter Dix Nike 10.32 3.2 2
15 Rodney Martin unattached 11.59 3.2 2

Top 4 in each heat… that’s technically “why”, but philosophically why a guy so out of his prime and running such a slow time (with big tailwind) could get top 4 in a semi at US Nationals… you got me on that one.

Dix hurt his hamstring a couple weeks ago… said it was tight in the post-race interview yesterday and I am not sure what happened today.

omg i just fell in love with that website lol cant work out the difference im in the uk how long to the final

Top 4 wtf. That is dumb ass hell. Only the fastes should be in the final period.

Kinda hard to say that though when wind can be completely different heat to heat. Maybe top 3 plus next 2 fastest would be a better idea.

This is not a heat- it’s the semi-finals and that’s how they are done everywhere. As for times, if someone gets injured who has better form going in or screws up or whatever, that’s your good or bad luck. The seeds going to the semis should be pretty equal. Williams finished up on Dix

Why all the pulls? Holy cow. Looked like Lee Harvey was in the press box they way they were pulling up.

rodgers in 9.91, doc 9.92, and padget 4th once again…

No respect for Rae making it to worlds??? Man did his thing.

No X man in the 400m final

Men 400 Meter Dash

   World: W 43.18  8/26/1999   Michael Johnson, USA
American: A 43.18  8/26/1999   Michael Johnson, Nike
 Hayward: S 43.74  1993        Michael Johnson, USA
Name                    Year Team                     Semis  H#

1 Kerron Clement Nike 45.08Q 1
2 LaShawn Merritt Nike 45.45Q 2
3 Gil Roberts Texas Tech 45.18Q 1
4 Darold Williamson Nike 45.97Q 2
5 Lionel Larry adidas 45.35Q 1
6 Miles Smith unattached 46.08Q 2
7 Calvin Smith Florida 45.44Q 1
8 David Neville Nike 46.18Q 2
9 Xavier Carter Nike 45.55 1
10 Bobby McCoy Tucson Elite A C 45.97 1
11 Jamaal Torrence Nike 46.03 1
12 Darius Law Charlotte 46.29 1
13 John Bailey unattached 46.42 2
14 Antione Drakeford Cincinnati 46.50 2
15 Jeremy Davis unattached 46.81 2
16 Reggie Witherspoon unattached 46.88 2

Tailwind maybe a factor? Multiple rounds all with healthy winds caught up to some guys?

If this is true, what is one to do? Pull out like Gay and bank on the Euro circuit? What is this was Olympic year? Then what?

Could fast prelim times be indication of poor pacing from the training sessions?

After seeing the race last night I have a better understanding of why williams qualified. lol Damn he got lucky gay didnt run, dix and marting pulled up. He only had to beat one person. Trindon looked like he damn near fell in his heat.

Absolutely!! A snake-pit filled with everyone who can go fast, multi rounds, a very hard track, hot weather that allows the muscle to move faster but also dehydrates if you’re not careful, and big tailwinds that stretch out the strides to places where they haven’t gone before, and you get what you see!!

Another arguement for S-to-L vs L-to-S.
S-to-L reduces the differential between training and comp speeds and reduces the risks.

Charlie do you factor in wind in determining whether to ‘rest’ an athlete 10 day after pr or do you use the absolute number?

Both. You need to look at the differential compared to previous PB and the conditions.