GPP Hills

It’s funny you mention this because with some of my athletes we do different starting positions uphill (pushup, face down, 1 leg etc)

In the video, I thought she used a falling start? I am not sure which would be best?

It depends on the steepness of the hill. If it’s fairly steep, you’re already in a forward position relative to the running surface and you want to maintain a straight back. if you lean too much before going you may curve the back. On a shallower hill, you could use any of the suggested option

Cool. Thanks. The hill I usually run is fairly shallow, so I’ll probably use a variety of start positions. I really like how a lying start gets me into good acceleration angles without any perceived effort.

From the dvd download week 5 has 2x hills and 1x speed,however there is no graph for week 5 speed only week 6 and 7.What is to be done for week 5 speed.Cheers

Something similar but perhaps slightly lower volume than week 6.

week 5 speed work
6 x 10 from flat on ground
Med Ball Accel (1) = Squat throw into push up position?
Med Ball Accel (2) = Roll up into squat throw into push up position
6 x 20 from high start
4 x 20 easy, 20 fast, 20 easy
1 x 50 from high start (accelerate to 20 and maintain)

Offical speed work from week 5:

6x10 flat on ground
6x10 push up pos
6x20 high start
1x4x20 efe
1x50 high start


I have been using sled with soccer players. We do 2x wk HI days. How would the 2x wk sled be compared to the template of the 3x wk when speed dsessions are mixed with sled work? (i.e. 2 resisted 1 speed, 1 resisted 2 speed)

For example
wk 1 2 x 3 x30m (2 days)
wk 2 2 x 4 x 30 (2 days)
wk 3 2 x 5 x30 (2 days)
wk 4 2x4 x 30 (2 days)
wk 5 2x4 x 30 (1 day only) speed on day 2
wk 6 2x4x30 (day 2 only) day 1 speed)
wk 7: speed day 1 and 2

bumping up

You can dividde it up in 2 days. The idea is to keep the percentage of resisted to unresisted the same. IE in 3x/wk you often have one session containing resistance but twice a week it will be in 1/2 vs 1/3 so you just need to reduce the ratio of resisted to unresisted in the one session to reflect the whole week

Don’t understand what you are saying, what’s wrong with the way he has it setup now?

Nothing- I was just giving an example of the reasoning you might use

Do you perfer to use 2 hi days in gpp with team sports/lower level athletes?

I don’t have a specific preference, as long as the volumes are reasonable and it often depends on loacation and ease of assembly of the athletes. Either set-up can work well and ESTI’s results have been outstanding as you prob know…

I know some coaches think 3 days of hill work is a little redundant. I perfer to use 2 hill days and one weight/mb day on wed for team sports and 2 hills and 1 int tempo for lower level sprinters.

Is hill work suppose to be done in spikes or flats?

I always use spikes. If you are slipping, then it is going to inhibit your acceleration mechanics.

yes, spikes work best. Hopefully, you have an extra older pair as they are likely to get trashed after a few months

I just started a new progression with one of my sprinters. He came off a spring track season, had 3 weeks of casual tempo work and we resumed training 2 weeks ago. The plan is one day of sled work, one day of modified wk 5-8 of GPP type workouts.

His running technique needed lots of work and with team workouts and limited practice teim with weather in the fall etc, we had few chances to work on this. We are focusing on mechanics to improve overall speed to create a reserve for the 200 and 400 next spring season.

I will report back at the end of August when we time trial for the 100m. Our goal is to get from a 11.6 ht down to low 11s.

Example of workouts:
day 1
3x3x30 sled

day 2
flat 4 x10
push up x4x10
4x20 hi
3-4x EFE