Faster 40 time?? Please help!

I am new to this forum, so this may have been posted. I play football and have a horrible 40-time (5.1). I am a quarterback trying to make the af2 league, and need advice on how to get the fastest I can. Any help (with lifts, stretches, workouts, etc.) would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

Hey, brah, welcome. I’m pretty new myself around this site and I’ve found out that you just have to use that ol’ search button up yonder at the top of the screen. Just type in “40 yard dash” or sumpthin like that and you’ll get all kindsa good stuff.

get stronger and w3ork lots of acc develop

the answer of your questions concludes a big amount of informations. I am doing a lot of training programs. I like doing it. If you are intersted email me. I am a sprinter myself.
And: you have to make more informations: are often do you wanna practice a week, what have you allready done/doing?

hes trying to play af2 the 40 isnt that important… we should be asking him other questions…