FAQ about Sprinting Tools/Gimmicks

Is there a site that goes over this or could someone give a little thought on each of these:

Running up slight hills-
Running down slight hills-
Running up steep hills-

Overspeed with tubing (pulled)-

Weighted vests-


Running on sand-

Other that I can’t think of-

In the Charlie Francis ebook forum review there is a seperate section that describes the negatives of each of these. Also i am sure many of the answers can be found on the site if you search as they have been talked about extensively.

Ken Jakalski (sp) wrote a pretty good article on many of those topics. I don’t know the page to find them, but if you do a search I’m sure it’ll come up. He discusses the poor mechanics, wrong ideas, and many other things associated with these types of training protocols.

what about the “Foot Flexr”?

I would go with bleachers during gpp for overall strength. Running up too steep a hill enables improper form, but a slightly graded hill is fine. Parachute totally hurt form because the wind dictates where the parachute goes therefore throwing off proper arm action. Sled pulls are good but too much weight enables improper form as well as causes athletes to run slower than workouts should permit, a little resistance is good but too much causes the athlete to have to pull too much and lean too far back or too far forward as opposed to maintaining proper form. I think this is correct, any other suggestions?

Clyde Hart, Michael Johnson and Loren Seagrave are all in favour of using the Acceleration Ladder, as part of drills or a complete session, developing speed. Somewhere in the Forum, I have read that this type of training is of no use. What are the disadvantages?