False start or poorly officiated meet?

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Now I’m curious. :slight_smile:

ok…here is the video:


Unfortunate since she didn’t gain any advantage by it. Almost looks like she lost her balance.

She said that she didn’t hear the starter, that she moved when she saw the others move and she said that it was like a reflex type action from being awkward…

What was upsetting, is that every other race during this District meet that the announcer blasted over the starter while the race was already starting, they stopped, called everyone back and restarted.

I’m assuming that since this was the last event of the day, it was about 9:30PM they just kept it going…they were seeded #2.

The 3 other girls, other than my freshman daughter, were all Seniors.

Last night at Regionals, I heard in at least 5 instances after the starter pistol went off, he fired it again stopping the race, but not 1 DQ, thankfully… maybe they decided to let the kids run?

Check out the reaction times from the 60m heats of the Instanbul 2012 WIC. Something about sound not working correctly.