Eyes closed during sprinting?

In a lot of videos I see some athletes with their eyes closed or seemingly closed at some points in the race (mostly at the end). Is this recommendable? Why do people do it?

Lately I’ve been beginning to close my eyes in the blocks to concentrate better on the starting signal. Then today I did something weird, it just happened, I had my eyes closed and this weird sense of relaxation during the start and didn’t open them till around 20m. It was one of the best starts I’ve ever done, hell, those were the fastest 20 I’ve ever felt, it’s like I blinked and was already at 20, and I had barely felt anything happen. Is visual input really necessary during the whole 100? I would think not having visual input during some key parts would relax many athletes (like me) who tend to “run with the crowd” (not run your own race).

I think you close your eyes subconsciously or in very brief moments and you don’t realize it. I know when I run my 100 I usually only consiously remember 2 pointso f my race…50m mark and block or finish line. Its all a moment ofr me.

Then you’re running your own race, but I assure you, you don’t close your eyes when your looking where everyone around you is all the time! :o :o :smiley: :smiley:

haha…I never look around when I run, maybe in prelims when I an “coast” to the finish for an easy qualfication, but never when it matters

Good Question, but I would be a little worried about going into the other lane, no?