Extreme IT band tightness

I’m having like painfully tight itbands that started happening this week and i’m wondering if heavy squating could of caused this? We’re on a maximum strenght phase of are weights plus some hipflexor work and they’ve gotten so tight it hurts to walk atm. Any thoughts? Would posting my weights make it easyer? The only ideas my coach had where from sqauts, we are also cleaning, deadlifting and doing back/hip exercises? Any suggestions would be awesome

Anice stretch you can do (if u have the props) would be to lie on a table
(imagine laying on your LEFT side.) Left knee resting in fetal position, right leg hanging off the table behind u, it will sink down behind you, grab something to stop from falling of the table.
To make the stretch even better, where an ankle weight whilst doing it, or your coach can apply the minimalist downward pressure.

Another one is to stand up, left leg in front, right leg behind/across left
leg, with right foot on a ball (swiss ball or something) to the left of your left foot. switch and repeat with other leg.

Sorry about the long winded explanation but one of those gets the it bands pretty good, or both.

My main tip though is that if u stretch when not thouroghly warm you could damage attachments. What could thoroughly warm up both your hammy’s and it bands? Unless they are very warmed up they could become weaker at the attachments, becuase ANY muscles in those areas are very vulnerable. Take the first stretching exercise I mentioned and if u have the time, turn it in to an exercise, bring the leg from behind/sunk and hook it up and over your resting leg and back again.

A good Physical therapist should help loosen it and also help with the posture origin of the tightness.

Have a qualified medical professional or knowledgable coach (but stay away from Michael Jackson) look at your pelvic tilt, its probably off, with your hips tilted forward. It takes A LOT of work to correct this, but it will save you from injuries and improove performance significantly.