Ext.Tempo during General Prep Phaze

I was interested in knowing about the Ext.Tempo some of you do during the General Prep Phaze. Today I made my sprinters do 2 sets of 3x200’s with 2-3 minutes of rest between reps and 5 mintutes between the set. They did well, a lot faster then I expected around 29-29 for almost all of them. Looking for some Ext. Tempo work for them tommorow, any ideas??

Ext. Tempo is a type of workout you can get really crazy on. Just be creative.

Yup your right, I sometimes drive myself crazy wit Ext. Tempo, but just want some other ideas from other people besides myself. Any??

I like things like 4x5x100m w/100m walk rest and 2 min b/t sets.

Also, some other workouts I’ve done…

4x3x200m w/30sec b/t reps and 3 min b/t sets
2x5x150 w/ 50m walk rest and 2 min b/t sets

I just really let loose and get creative, but I like those workouts and derivatives.

what you did was INTENSIVE TEMPO. Do not confuse the 2. i am a 21.5 200 meter runner and the fastest i ever go (although i do not time extensive tempo) is 32 for 200 which is around 65-70%. Extenisve tempo should never be faster than 75%. As far as options of sequencing ectensive tempo workouts go dont drive yourself nuts. As everyone else said jus be creative.

I start my season off with 1000 meters and increase up to 1200, 1600, 2000, 2200, and then 2500. Right now i am on my 7th week of special prep and i am up to 2500 which i will stay at for the indoor season. I found that for 1000-1200 meters 100 meter reps with 30 secs rest works fine. When i move up to 1600 meters i like ot use something like 100 200 300 400 300 200 100 with 50-100 meter walk and when i get above 1600 meters i like to use series of 100’s and 200’s or do what i did today which was 100-200-300-300-200-100-100 x2 with 50 meter walk and 100 meter walk after the 300’s.

How do you know it was intensive? You don’t know the 200m best time. For a 21.5 man, it’s still ext tempo at 28.6, and that’s a very conservative measure. It depends on surface, conditions etc.


The 2x3x200’s was intensive, what i meant was that I am looking for a Ext. Tempo workout, like a day of recovery for them. Strange enough I did exactly what you stated with 10 100’s with 30 seconds rest. Tommorow I’m prob gonna do hills.

i know the level of athletes Speedphenom is working with. Sorry i ddint make that clear. :):wink: