Excuse me Pause Sqauts

Hey i have’nt started training yet for next season. But when i do start to train, i will get my on free weights, and barbell, olympic weight set. And put the stuff in my garage, well i have to tell my dad not to put the car in there.

Well i am going to do jumps sqauts, and Pause sqauts. I wnat to know weather Pause sqaust are good for building Power. And do any of you guys, do pause sqauts.

I feel sorry for 10seconds, am gonna hit it hard.

ha ha

Pause squats target concentric RFD, i.e. how fast you can get from stationary to speed under load. (Even with heavy weights and slow speeds you are required to move from a stationary position to overcome the weight and initial acceleration rate will be high.)

How much is such a strength type required in sprinting?

The sprinting action (apart from the start) is eccentric-isometric-concentric and relys on the ssc so i think targeting above strength enhancements would be individual to the athletes requirements/weakness. A simple test would be to something like: Compare a pause vertical jump to depth jumps off of various height boxes. A significantly higher depth jump would indicate a good ssc spring and you would benefit from pause squats. No significant difference in jumps would suggest that improvement would be greater from conventional lifts.