EXCHANGES:4x200 indoors.

Whats the best way to do relay exchanges for a 4x200 indoors?

For which leg? It used to get rowdy when I did them in HS. Pushing shoving cheating :slight_smile:

Do you have your steps counted out? I’ve tried it a couple of different ways:

For 1st leg you might be able to hand it off like a 4x1 since you are in your lane.

For legs 2 3 and 4 its a little difficult since you have to move postitions according your your teams place. Since there is so much going on during a 4x2 I definitely think you should make eye contact just incase another runner interferes with your pass. Dont be afraid to get aggro in the exchange zone with your competitors either!!! With your bench Im sure you can “move” someone out of the way :slight_smile:

Im leadoff. So blind for the first leg and open for all the others? What does everyone else think? I want to make sure were def. taking the stick on a fly so we can run some fast splits.

I agree, the first exchange can be blind like a 4x1, but a little slower (don’t want to leave the incoming runner in the dust, they might be a little tired after 200m!). I think the first exchange is the most important, you want to get that inside position ahead of the other teams. In University, we always had our ‘toughest’ runner do the 2nd leg. However the other exchanges are no picnic either. We always practiced doing the 2nd and 3rd exchanges blind like a 4x1, but when you get in the race it just turns into a melee as everyone is in a dogfight for lane position. The first incoming runner gets lane 1, the next gets lane 2, etc, etc. but it’s hard to tell if your team is coming in first until they are right on top of you. On another side note, our 4x2 team went into the University championships in 1995 ranked 9th in the country (CIAU, Winnipeg,1995) we qualified 5th for the final. Our second runner got out good and we were in second place. I ran the third leg and held my own and handed off the anchor in second place, the first place team (and number one ranked team in the country) dropped the baton and our anchor trotted right around them, we won gold with our fastest time of the year. True story!

Concur with nycjay01 and earle. However doing a blind from an outside 3-turn stagger can be tight!

Lanes 1-3 are more forgiving.