Excellent results from GPP DVD!!!

Hi Everyone, I completed the 8 week GPP from charlie’s DVD and have amazing results. The guy is unreal! Went from 7.4 to 7.03 FAT in the 60m one season. Also, went from 22.92 FAT to 21.7 FAT. Anyhow, I am expanding my range to longer sprint distances (up to 400m) I currently have this on my schedule:
M-Weights/ (10X200m in 28-33sec)
T-3 X Block starts
W-Weights/ 10-12 X 200m uphill run (28second pace)
Th-3 X Block starts

Weights: cleans, bench, squat, deadlift, push press, lat pulldown, seated rows, reverse hypers. All 3sets X 5 reps

(P.S. soon at practice on the wednesdays we will be doing speed endurance-split 400m, or 5X400m in 60s w/ 2 min rest)

My tuesday, thursday, and saturday’s are open for any changes, but the mon and wed are pretty strict as per my coach. My questions are, should I be lifting on these days? Should I still incoporate speed/acceleration development?
I am currently in my SPP precomp phase. I start competing in mid january-early feb. I have completed the 8 week GPP and then did some overall general preparation as per my coach.

Any help is greatly appreciated! More info available upon request.


your 200m went down from 22.92 to 21.7 in how long? thats a huge improvement… good job!

Thanks so much! It was over a span of 10 months. I’m telling you, I’m a huge skeptic and I’ve tried so many programs (from air alert to jumpsoles to parachutes, etc) I was not expecting such a dramatic result. Now, my only goal is to maintain this success as well as to expand my range to the longer sprints.

great results! couple questions…

  1. did you do those tempo workouts right after weights or was there time in between?
  1. were you doing this every workout or were those just the exercises you chose from and mixed it up?

Thanks for the speedy reply. I lift at 9am and then do these workouts at 5 pm. I do all of those exercises every workout M,W,F.

just curious, how tall are you, bodyweight, and best 1RM on all your lifts?

Hi, I’m 6 ft 1" 183 pds, and my bests are as follows:

Bench: 270pds
Squat: 450pds
Clean: 225pds (5 reps) not too sure what the 1RM conversion is
Lat Pulldowns: 250 pds
Seated Rows: 250pds
Deadlifts: 250pds
Push press: 175pds

Nice… good marks.


Glad to hear you enjoyed GPP and got improvements in your program. We’re looking forward to releasing SPP in the not so distant future (amongst other new and exciting learning products).

Keep up the good work…

Thanks Rupert! I was gonna ask if the phone consultation was still available and how soon it can be done?