-example of strength/weight training-

Im intrested on anyones view on lifting weights.
I currently started doing some general strength and core routines after my runs. But I would like to add a 2 or 3 days a week of a lifting routine. Im more a a middle distance runner.

Any ideas would be really nice and why to do some exercises in the weight room.

Also intrested on added a plyos to my training as well.

This is all covered in the GPP download, including stage weights.

Im a sprinter, and the majority of my lifting programme is based around cleans, squats, and bench. I would do snatch too, but I have injured my ribs a few times doing this.

As a middle distance runner, I would guess you would want to do more reps than I do (eg aim for 10-15 reps) over 3 sets to get a good base of muscular endurance.

I think lifting weights is good, especially the olympic lifts as they involve a lot of muscle groups. Worst case scenario - you will look better.

squats… lunges… military press…bench press…front squats… and high rep olympic lifts

haha yes, worst case scenario I would look better, I love that one

the GPP download, “including stage weights” Im new to the site I was exploring but can find the link?

Well you speak of doing 10-15reps more for muscular endurance,

What if one’s main goal is to increase more muscular power, maybe doing one session a week focus more on endurance with a high rep count and the 2nd session of the week doing less reps but more weight?

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power cleans
back squats
bench press
db rows
beach time 10mins

clean pulls
spilt squat
incline press
hyper complex
lat pd
beach time 10mins

3-4x4-8 reps for each strength movement…
4-6x2-4 reps for each explosive movement…

You can add 10-20 jumps and 10-20 throws after each speed session…

hi. what is the beach time? and i am 60 and 100 meter sprinter, can i use it too?

what is the purpose of 12+ reps in the weightroom? Shouldn’t the conditioning effect take place on the track? The weight room seems like it should be used for developing strength and power. I’d stick to reps in the 1-3, 5-6, 8-12 range.

I don’t see a problem with 2x15/2x12 in pre-gpp. After the season take 2 weeks off follow by 2 weeks of pre-gpp (tempo, circuits).

Anything negative to working on beach muscles during GPP? Or adding an extra exercise for lower body hypertrophy?

Core work should be a primary focus in the GPP and a typical periodization plan includes a hypertrophy phase.

That being said, you could be a little more practical than to plan on doing 500 crunches.