Bolt splits in 9.58

11.57 is worth more than 7.42, but at your level you are probably progressing too fast for your indoor results to have much predictive value for your outdoor season.

I don’t think the LAVEG gave these times. There is a LAVEG output on the IAAF site and the splits are slightly different for Bolt and Powell than the ones on here, so it is possible that if Gay’s splits were taken from video that they are not entirely accurate, which would explain the last three 10m splits.

I was wondering the other day about the fluctuations between strides in the LAVEG charts. What does this say about Barry Ross’s theory that sprinters ONLY produce vertical force at top speed? If an athlete is decelerating then reaccelerating with each stride as shown by the output, doesn’t this strongly infer that horizontal forces are present?

If horizontal forces were absent, how would you go forward??

My question goes to the finish. When he was WR holder, everyone was saying his incomplete extension as the race progresses was the reason for his success. Now that he is matched and then passed late in the race by two athletes with complete extension, is there a change of opinion?

I am the only one that thinks that the drive phase thing might be hampering Bolt’s times? Given that he has sick SE capabilities he could really avoid any drive at all and go pedal to the metal from the start.

In a vacuum, momentum built up during the acceleration phase … I think that’s the theory.

That’s just an expression really. Are you actually suggesting that Bolt is going below max at some point? If so where and how do the splits validate that?

I actually remember that he said in an interview he deliberately remained “low” until 40-50m, where he tried to run fully upright. Will try to find the text. I don’t really think his effort is submax, but that because of the angles he might be using during the acceleration his initial times could be bellow of what he is capable of. In fact most of the people actually accelerate faster off no drive phase and hit max v sooner.

I’ve looked at the films and I think his execution is about as good as it gets in the big finals IMO. Sometimes he pops up in less than optimal races so I don’t see how that would ever help him.

So where do you see his future improvement coming?

Just more of the same pattern coming from whatever marginal gains in strength he can balance with his total workload. My guess would be those gains would be slightly easier to get 0 to 60 than beyond- if you can describe anything at that level as easy.

I think some of that strength will come just as he gets older, he’s only 23ish so still a fair bit of development to go.

Yes exactly. He should follow the natural pattern of strength gain with maturity but not try to advance it faster than that IMO

Question to your question.

Did he ever really lack extension or did it just look that way to most people? When I look back at Mo, Gatlin, Carl, etc the position of their legs at extension was in just about the same plane as Powell’s. Didn’t we discuss here how his extension was occuring in a more vertical fashion and thats why it appeared lacking?

For the most part everyone(sheep) will try to adopt the patterns of the fastest guy. It requires a little more work to actually figure out what they’re actually doing. I sure as hell didn’t think it was the reason for his success.

Also for Charlie and anyone else. What could the cause be for Powell’s apparent lack of extension or even stiffness in the hip region.

-Could he be consciencously trying to move a certain way causing just enough tightness to keep him from “opening up”. In a sense, not running naturally

-Could it simply be a cause and effect of his knee lift?

-Could his arm action improve:
I noticed his arm action during the prelims of Berlin changed(q-final mainly). This gave at the very least a visual impression of an ability to move better in the middle of the race.

I thought so too but some later still photos semed to indicate there was slightly less as the race progressed, possibly because of a redoubled effort to keep his knees up when pressed that might have over-rotated his pelvis which might have been been counter-productive. Certainly, his relay photos from Beijing show fantastic hip height which would seem to indicate full extension IMO.
I was told by a physio whose group was treating him thast the surgery on his torn pec reduced his ROM on that one side causing all kinds of compensation issues.

It seems to me that Powell’s stride get longer since Rieti’07 thanks to a larger range of motion including in the hip and knee extension.
Enclosed a sequence of Asafa during the Beijing relay @50m. Sorry for the quality, it’s better than nothing.

Complete extension there

Yup and this complete extension wasn’t there during the 100m individual races in Beijing.

Relaxation in the primes?