Bolt splits in 9.58

2,89 (20m) 4,64 (40m) 6,31 (60m) 7,92 (80m)

Click here to view and download (pdf) analysis of the men’s 100m final and the two semi-finals

Bolt t60-80 in 1.61s.

So its likely that he hit a 0.80 for 10m section?!

Yes and Gay 0.81. Interesting stuff : when guys hit real top speed, the curve goes down in the last 20m. That’s not the pattern we’ve seen recently with Gay.

Any knowledge as to whether individual 10m segments will be made available?

Looks like most are now acc out to 80m these days! Certainly on this track it seems so.


20m - 2,89 - 0.90
30m - 3,79 - 0.85
40m - 4,64 - 0.84
50m - 5.48 - 0.83
60m - 6,31 - 0.81
70m - 7.12 - 0.80
80m - 7,92 - 0.83
90m - 8.75 - 0.83
100m- 9,58


20m - 2,92 - 0.91
30m - 3,83 - 0.87
40m - 4,70 - 0.85
50m - 5.55 - 0.84
60m - 6,39 - 0.82
70m - 7.21 - 0.81
80m - 8.02 - 0.85
90m - 8.87 - 0.84
100m- 9,71

How come the top sprinters only run the 40m in 4.64 and such, when there are white norwegian soccer players who run ‘the’ 40m in 4.63? Are they saving up for the rest of the race or something?

Luton Shelton a jamaican who plays in norway(soccer) has the fastest recorded time, of 4.47s. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

These splits seem to fit with the softer surface cause top speed predominated

No R/t in those times, jusdt like the football 40y times. Totally different

Handtiming, no reaction. Not accurate at all.

Tyson same 80m like Ben in 88…

IMHO this is just way too lopsided, I’m bored! It was more interesting when here were several guys always barely scratching .01 off the WR and it was competitive, knowing who will win is no fun.

Exactly! And prooves my point about how fast Ben could have gone if he hadn’t shut down like he did. I’m certain he would have gone 9.73to 9.72 then and I was criticized heavily for saying so…and with a faster surface??? Maybe a bit more.
But now with 9.58, that ship has sailed! I’m still not entirely convinced that this track is the best ever for the 100m but the additional resiliance may alter the relationship between 100 and 200 more in Bolt’s favour for the longer sprint and it leaves more in the 100 for next year.
I hope he doesn’t go for the 400 next year because the record is so inferior to either the 100 or 200 that it doesn’t seem to matter.
We already know MJ could have killed it if he hadn’t been injured in 1996. Changing his training now might make it hard to get back to where he is now and he might need to break 40sec to go where he will be by the end of this week in the 200!

I just read Speed Trap and enjoyed it (though I wanted to know more about your relationship to Ben beyond the funny anecdotes). I agree with the projections above and in the book - somewhere between 9.76 and 9.71 for that particular race and faster with other factors.

So, with the projection game in mind

let’s say Bolt had another m/s of wind
is that in the 9.49-9.51 range now?
AND let’s say Bolt was at altitude
is that in the 9.39 - 9.45 range now?

let’s say he peaks somewhere between the age of 25 and 30 and shaves off some more time at that point
9.36-9.42 in some sort of perfect confluence of legal factors?

My ranges are obviously sort of arbitrary (mainly because I don’t know THAT much about track) but I’d like to hear some knowledgeable folk way in on the “perfect world” scenerio.

an extended analysis of the race with graphs

Hard to play the wind game too effectively but:
Lowest humidity
Highest allowable tailwind
High temperature
Altitude like Mexico City or Colorado Springs
all combined with the same or better track surface and you’re into the 9.40s.
And that’s with him as he is now.
God, it’s bizarre to even be having this conversation!!

Since 1968 we’ve seen the world record in the 100 drop by almost .4 ( 9.95 to 9.58 ) but 30 meter block values seem stalled out at 3.78-3.80.

What might explain this? Are the athletes getting more from the track from 30-100? Have 30-100 training methods improved that much?

I think that we want high humidity, though I’m not totally sure. I do know that humid air is less dense than dry air. I’m not sure what other effects the humidity might cause.

Unless that is a misprint it appears Gay actually re-accelerated after 80 meters. Very unusual. But I am not sure I understand the chart here. It says he went 70 meters in 7.21, and 80 meters in 8.02. The difference there is about .82, however the 80 meter time reads .85. Am I misreading things?

0.85 is between 80 and 90m…